Thuranira Kathiai Foundation

~ Better Lives for The Needy ~

Welcome To Thuranira Kathiai Foundation

To improve the community’s livelihood by increasing their income, nutrition and healthcare and ultimately end their hunger and poverty.

To protect and promote human wellbeing among the needy by mobilizing the

power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

A community where children, persons with disabilities and the elderly have the best access to food, clothing and shelter to enable them create opportunities for themselves and others.

Who We Are


Thuranira Kathiai Foundation was established in 2017 in MERU COUNTY in KENYA with its main offices being based in Meru County.


Thuranira Kathiai Foundation was officially registered and recognized by Kenyan Government on 28th June 2020 and incorporated as a LIMITED BY GUARANTEE COMPANY under the companies act 2015 of KENYAN LAWS.

Our Objectives

To be charitable to the community.

Youths & The Elderly…

80% of the youths and the elderly are struggling to get their life together. To them, we raise our hands together in order to give them better life. Your donation will help to improve their living standard.

Justice & Equality…

In an unfair world, many people are struggling to get justice hence creating a gap in equality.
We endeavor to make awareness to the vulnerable know their rights and seek justice for the victims through court of law. Be part of this noble task so that we can make sure the poor have access to justice.

Promoting Agriculture…

We are aware food security is key. With land being scarce for the poor, we change this through development of bag gardening for the available limited space for vegetable farming. We promote agricultural activities that are organic based. We educate farmers and acquire for them farm inputs to boost their production.

What We Do

We create a platform that sensitizes the needy persons in Kenya, focusing on children living in children’s homes, the elderly, persons living with disabilities and needy school going children.

We advocate for justice, equality, great economic growth and agriculturally healthy foods for the above listed groups.



We receive and manage donations and grants, financial or otherwise in furtherance to the organisation mandate and on behalf of development and implementing partners.

We have established an endowment fund to receive grants, donations, gifts and any other form of assistance from international, Kenyan government, private sector or any other source provided it is in support of one or more of the objective of the organisation and beneficial to the targeted people.


We subscribe to both local and international charities and provide technical support and advice in the interest of the public towards a the communities wellfare.

We enter into a partnerships with international bodies, public organisations, corporations, foundations, governments, companies or individuals for and to support the needs and objectives similar to those of the organisation and the targets, beneficially provided it is within international and the laws of Kenya.

Contact Us


P.O Box 983-60200

Meru, Kenya

Njuri Ncheke Street

KCB Building 2nd Floor Room 16

Registration Details

(NO CLG – 72FJA9)

PIN P051915866Z


Tel: +254 202005054/5 | +254782112828 | +254 721980131


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